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Event Updates

We are excited to announce event details for the 2020 Market to Market Relay presented by OrthoNebraska. Our goal is to keep you and your team as safe as possible and hold an in-person event that provides you and your team as close to as possible a pre-coronavirus relay experience. Behind the scenes, Pink Gorilla Events has been working closely with county health departments to follow Directed Health Measures and safety best practices.

In order to hold the event, we are required to make these changes and we appreciate your understanding as we all must work together to make this event happen. Please respect the changes and follow them. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible, so you can make an informed decision. We hope you join us for the in-person event, but understand if you choose not to this year.

Market to Market Relay Nebraska Registration Options

Your team has options to participate or not participate in the 2020 in-person event.

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2020 Team Options

The Pink Gorilla Events team has been working closely with county health departments and we are optimistic that we can hold an in-person relay. That being said, government health officials always have the ability to not allow the event. Here are your choices:

  • Run in the in-person 2020 Market to Market Relay. The Event Changes, Run Safe Commitment and Athlete Responsibilities are designed to provide you and your team with a clear understanding of what the event will look like this year.
  • Defer to 2021. As outlined in the rulebook, teams have the option to defer their race registration to 2021 for $100 as long as they do it prior to the Final Roster Deadline of August 7, 2020. We also made the deferral policy more flexible by adding a Final Deferral Deadline of October 2, 2020 so teams can wait up until the day prior to the race to defer to 2021 for $200.  After the Final Deferral Deadline teams will NOT have the opportunity to defer. (Learn how your captain can  to defer to next year

However, if we must cancel the in-person event due to coronavirus, all registered teams will compete in a Virtual Relay.

 Please note that we have created registration policies that are as flexible as we can make them. We are a small business and commit financially to expenses related to a race well in advance of it. Thank you for understanding and supporting Pink Gorilla Events and local running. Under no circumstances will refunds be issued. We encourage you to read all race registration policies here.

Market to Market Relay Nebraska Changes

While the relay will look different, we are excited to get back to in-person racing with you! Our goal is to keep you and your team as safe as possible and hold an in-person event that provides you and your team as close to as possible a pre-coronavirus relay experience.

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  • 2 Vehicles Now Allowed: For the first time in history all teams will be given the option to have a 2nd Team Vehicle. Teams will be allowed a 2nd Team Vehicle for just a $25 fee (we anticipate this will eliminate the need to rent a van for many teams). From a safety standpoint, allowing a 2nd Team Vehicle provides teams with the ability to reduce the number of people in vehicles at one time. Teams are required to pre-purchase a 2nd Team Vehicle tag prior to event day. (Learn how to add a 2nd Team Vehicle).
  • Masks Required While Not Running: Teams will be provided with a set of custom BOCO Gear masks in their packets. Everyone will be required to wear a face mask anytime they are out of their vehicle, other than when they are running. From a safety standpoint masks continue to be the cheapest and most efficient way to stop the spread. (See Athlete Responsibilities for more requirements).
  • Maintain Social Distance From Other Teams: The Nebraska Directed Health Measures would consider a team a group. This means that similar to restaurants you need to stay 6 feet away from other groups, but can be closer to your teammates.
  • Packet Pickups: Pre-race packet pickups have always been a captain-only affair. This year, your team packet will be in BOCO Gear 4-Panel Backpack. Pre-race pickups will either be a Drive-Thru or Curbside pickup. (See more details here).



The changes outlined below will reduce the number of teams per exchange point significantly and allow participants to stay socially distant from other teams. 

If you want the nerdy data… we ran over 15 different course computer simulations with our Don’t Panic Labs software. The result of these changes on average reduced the number of people per exchange point by 175 people.

  •  New Start Line: Beardmore Events Center in Bellevue 
  • More Starting Waves: 20 Starting Waves from 5:00 am to 11:00 am (every 20 minutes)
  • SumTur Amphitheater Exchange: Replaces Papio South while school parking lot is under construction.
  • Springfield to Buffalo Road to Hwy 31/50 to South Bend/Platte River Stage Sequence Returns: If you ran last year we had to do a “Halftime” because of the flood damage eliminating large sections of trail and the bridge. This year everything is fixed. Yippee! 
  • No Mopac Trailhead Exchange:  Due to COVID and corporate policies we are no longer able to rent the parking lot adjacent to the Mopac Trailhead. This exchange point has been eliminated and the stage is now Boy Scouts to B&R approximately 6.4 miles. Please understand that we looked at several alternatives to reduce the length but nothing worked.



  • Finish Line: After your team crosses the finish line you will receive your finisher pint glass + pre-packaged finisher bag. 
  • Post-Race Shindig: Beer Gardens are NOT allowed in most phases of the Directed Health Measures that we must follow.  Instead of a Post-Race Shindig, if your team wants to celebrate your accomplishment, we will be working with several Haymarket restaurants and bars to provide your free beer.
  • Awards: Will be shipped to winning teams. 



Please read the section below dedicated to Athlete Responsibilities. As a participant, you play a critical role in keeping everyone safe.


Depending on the spread risk of coronavirus on race day, further adjustments may be required. A good indicator of this is the Lancaster County Coronavirus Risk Dial

  • Low or Moderate (Green or Yellow): Likely no additional changes will be made to the above list and some may potentially be removed.
  • High (Orange): Additional changes will likely be added. Most of these will surround social distance at the exchange points to reduce crowds, but there is a chance depending on the level of Orange that the event might be cancelled.
  • Severe (Red): If the dial is red, the event will likely be cancelled. (See Registration Policies for more details if this happens)


The Market to Market Relay will follow social distancing best practices to ensure that everyone involved is as safe as possible.

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Exact policies for the Run Safe Commitment will be adapted as coronavirus conditions change. Final policies will be determined at least one week prior to the event and emailed to all participants. Keeping everyone as safe as possible is our top priority. Below are anticipated policies. 


Social Distancing

  • Event signage will promote safe social distancing practices including maintaining 6 feet of distance between other teams.
  • Waiting spots will be provided to aid in social distancing at restrooms. 
  • Personal responsibilities will be communicated to athletes, staff, volunteers, vendors, and sponsors prior to the event.


Cleaning and Sanitation

  • We will reduce touch points to minimize physical interactions and deploy frequent cleaning and sanitation.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the event including packet pickup, higher traffic areas, and in and around portable toilets.
  • We will use increased safety and hygiene practices for staff and volunteers including use of masks, gloves and regular hand sanitization.


Personal Protective Equipment

  • All staff and volunteers will wear face covering at all times. 
  • In addition to social distancing measures, athletes are required to wear a face covering at the event anytime out of the van, while not running. 
  • Face masks will be provided to all participants in their packets.
  • Transparent plastic barriers will create separation at essential interaction points such as packet pickup. 

Screening and At-Risk Persons

  • Athletes, staff, volunteers, vendors, and sponsors will be asked to self-screen and stay home for any of the following reasons:
    • Have been in contact with someone testing positive for COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to the event.
    • Have experienced or been in contact with someone experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms in the 14 days prior to the event.
    • Have a body temperature reading of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.
  • All athletes and especially at-risk persons are encouraged to consult a physician prior to participating.


As a participant you play a critical role in keeping everyone safe and reducing the spread. Know your Athlete Responsibilities and follow them. If you are not able to follow them please DO NOT participate.

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Feel Sick? Stay Home

Athletes, staff, volunteers, vendors, and sponsors will be asked to self-screen and stay home for any of the following reasons:

  Have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 21 days.

  Have experienced any of the following in the last 14 days:

  Known temperature of 100.4° F or higher

  Cough (excludes symptoms from preexisting conditions)

  Shortness of breath / difficulty breathing (excludes symptoms from preexisting conditions)

  Chills, muscle pain, sore throat, or recent loss of taste or smell

  Have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

  •   All athletes and especially at-risk persons are encouraged to consult a physician prior to participating.
  •   Athletes that feel sick and stay home should contact your team captain that you will NOT be participating.
  •   Download the 1-Check App and use starting 2 weeks prior to event day


  1. Maintain 6 Feet Distance

Practice Social Distancing:

  •   Reduce frequency, proximity and duration of contact with others.
  •   Maintain a distance of 6 feet whenever possible from other teams.
  •   Spectators are not allowed unless accompanying a participating minor.
  •   Remain in your vehicle whenever possible before and after race. Consider sending only your next runner and one teammate to the exchange point to reduce crowds. 
  •   Avoid congregating outside of your team vehicle(s).
  •   If your team has multiple vehicle(s) consider leap frogging exchange points so only half of your team is at a location.
  •   Use event tracking apps, phone tracking apps or text messaging to better understand where your runner is at to reduce crowding at exchanges.
  1. Wash Hands

Practice good personal hygiene:

  •   When available clean hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  •   Use hand sanitizer when needed. Bring your own personal sized bottle and carry it with you and use it frequently.


  1. Avoid Touching

Whenever possible, avoid physical contact with:

  •   Other people
  •   Touching your face
  •   Surfaces
  •   Items that are not your own


  1. Wear A Mask

Bring and wear a facemask. You will be required to wear a mask in the following situations:

  •   Any indoor buildings
  •   Anytime out of vehicle (if not running). This includes Start line, Exchange Points, and Finish line
  •   You will be provided with a mask in your packet. Please use it all day.
  •   Staff and volunteers will wear masks at all times.

 You DO NOT need to wear a mask in the following situations:

  •   While running
  1. Be Self-Reliant

Take the following steps to be self-sufficient for your race:

  •   Read race websites, written guides, emails, social media posts, policies and rules. Follow event signage and race official instructions on race day.
  •   Know the race course. Be aware of potential traffic.
  •   Know your start wave time.
  •   Carry your own water bottle or hydration vest on course. There will NOT be any water stations on the course.
  •   Follow our vehicle packing list and plan on bringing extra hand sanitizer and any additional Personal Protective Equipment you may want/need.
  •   Bring an extra facemask. 


  1. Teams

Captains lead your team to safety

  •   Make sure your teammates follow Athlete Responsibilities 1 to 6.
  •   Have all team members make a van pledge that they are not sick and have taken temperature before arriving.
  •   Keep each other accountable to following the rules. Especially wearing masks while not running.
  •   Drive your vehicle(s) with the windows down when possible.
  •   Consider wearing masks while in your team vehicle.
  •   Bring extra team supplies for staying clean ALL DAY.
  •   Have a chief cleaning officer on your team.
  •   Discuss how your team will help reduce crowding at Exchange Points (See Maintain 6 Feet Distance Section)

Race Day Quick Checklist

❏     Check temperature before arriving. Feel sick? Stay home.

❏     Plan on wearing your mask when not running. You will be required to wear your mask anytime out of your team vehicle.

❏     Bring hand sanitizer, mask, water bottle or vest, and nutrition.

❏     Know your starting wave and starting time. Know when to arrive.

❏     Read and understand the Athlete Responsibilities

Packet Pickup

Advanced Pickup

Friday, September 25, 2020

Lincoln | 5 PM – 8 PM

Pink Gorilla Events (Map)

**Curbside Pickup

3121 South 6th Street,

Suite C

Lincoln, NE 68502

Omaha | 3 PM – 7 PM

Just South of  OrthoNebraska in Dillard’s Parking Lot. (Map)

**Curbside Pickup

3099 S. 143rd Plaza

Omaha, NE 68144


Race Day Pickup

Saturday, October 3, 2020 (Start Line Location Address)

Start Line | Starting at 4:30 AM


Team Documents

2020 Race Day Guide

Your team will receive 8 printed copies of the Race Day Guide at Packet Pickup.

Rule Book

This is the mother lode. From the essential to the obscure, the Rule Book contains everything you need to know about the Market to Market Relay. All teams are to download a copy for their team vehicle.

Race Brief

This is your at-a-glance overview of the most important information in preparing for race day. Of course, the Race Guide and Rule Book reign supreme, but this is a great primer for all teammates to look over race week.

Relay Training Plans

Pick the plan best for you, and share with your teammates!


Get your creative juices flowing and go for the glory of winning one of the team contests. Go epic with your costumes, trick out your team vehicle and then pull it all together with a catchy team name. Be the team that everyone remembers!

Best Team Costume Contest

The key to victory is wearing your costume all day long. The more elaborate and ridiculous the better!

Best Decorated Vehicle

To win, you’ll want your vehicle to stand out in a crowd. Pro tip: Theme your vehicle with your costumes for an unstoppable combination! Remember to upload a picture of your vehicle to Instagram using the #m2mrelaybestvan hashtag.

Best Team Name

It’s up to your peers. The wackier and more creative, the better!

Contest voting is done via the rules outlined in the Race Day Guide. The team with the most votes wins. Winners get a prize pack and an automatic invitation into next year’s race.


1. How it Works

The Market to Market® Relay Nebraska is a team running relay from the Omaha Metro to Lincoln, covering around 70 miles over several stages on a scenic and varied course. Join 6, 7, or 8 of your closest pals, hop in a van, run, rest and repeat. The course follows trails, paved streets and gravel back roads through a diverse and scenic slice of Nebraska. Combine the running with outrageous costumes, memorable van rides, and a lively Post-Race Shindig & Expo in downtown Lincoln and it all adds up to 1 unforgettable day

2. Team Size

Choose to run with a 6, 7 or 8-person team. Go to the My Team page to invite teammates to your team.

3. Distance

Each runner completes 2-3 legs of varying difficulty. Most legs range from 3 to 6 miles, so most runners average between 9 to 15 total miles for the day. You got this!

4. Vehicles

All teams are allowed 1 vehicle per team. Most teams go with a van, mini-van or SUV. Get creative and win the Best Decorated Vehicle contest! In 2020, due to COVID-19, teams will be allowed to purchase a 2nd team vehicle.

  1. Go to your RunSignUp profile 
  2. Click on manage your registration for this race
  3. Click on the Add-On section and select a 2nd Vehicle
5. Captains

Team captains are superheroes in disguise! Captains register, assemble and manage their team, and make sure everyone gets all the essential race details. Be one!

6. Already Registered?

If your team is already registered, captains can manage their team and runners can join or edit their profile by logging into the Roster Tool.

Teammate? How Do I Join A Team? If your team captain has already started a team. The easiest way to join a team is to go to the My Team page and select Join A Team and look for your team. Once you find your team you will need to join. Note: You will need to register for a RunSignUp account.

Captain? How Do I Invite A Teammate? Our Roster Tool is on the registration platform of a third party site called RunSignUp. There are several ways to get a team to join here are a few.

  1. Send an email to a teammate directly to your team page using RunSignUp. How to Guide
  2. Text your teammate with your team name and have them go to the My Team page and click on Join A Team then select your team to join.

Captain? How Do I Manage My Team Our Roster Tool is on the registration platform of a third party site called RunSignUp. There are several ways to navigate to RunSignUp and manage your team.

  1. Sign into your profile at Then make sure you have the correct person selected.
  2. Under “Upcoming Events” find your event and select “Manage Registration” next to the gear icon.  
  3. Depending on what you would like to view or edit, here is a RunSignUp “How to Manage Your Team” help article to help you navigate to your team details and view your team roster.
7. Is There Long Term Parking in Omaha or Lincoln?

Please look at the Race Brief. The latest version is available 3 weeks prior to race day and will be announced via email and posted in Team Documents.


8. Can My Team Defer To Next Year?

Yes! As outlined in the rule book your team can defer to next year’s race.

In addition to our original policy we have updated the policy in your favor due to Coronavirus. We have added a Final Deferral Deadline. This allows teams to defer to next year’s race for $200 (See Final Roster Deadline and Final Deferral Deadline Dates Here)

How to defer to next year

  • Sign into your profile at Then make sure you have the correct person selected.
  • Select the “Upcoming Events” tab > Select your event > Select “Manage Registration” > Select “Defer Registration”.
  • Complete the “Defer Registration” process. Once completed, your deferred registration will now appear under “My Deferrals”. We will be in touch with you next year on how to “claim” your deferred registration once the new race opens up.
9. Need More Info?

These are basic FAQ’s. If you have additional questions we’ve got you covered. All the race info you could ever want is available in the Team Documents. Note: Many of these are updated approximately 3 weeks prior to the race day, but most of the information is exactly the same year to year.


Travel Info

Where to Stay

A limited number of hotels have been reserved for Market to Market® Relay teams and families. These hotels are near the starting line or the finish line and are a great way to avoid getting up early or driving home late after the event. Please note that both hotels have CUT OFF dates when this offer will not be available.

Courtyard by Marriott Bellevue | 402.408.5300

Prices $99.00

Call 402.408.5300 and ask for the Market to Market group rate.

Last Day to Book: September 2, 2020

Aksarben Village Omaha | Courtyard by Marriott | 402.951.4300

Prices range from $95 to $105 per night.

Call 402.951.4300 and ask for the Market to Market group rate.

Last Day to Book: September 21, 2020

Residence Inn Omaha Aksarben Village

Prices range from $99 per night.

Call 402.551.8000 and ask for the Market to Market group rate.

Last Day to Book: September 21, 2020

Vehicle Info

There are a limited number of vans available for rent in the Omaha and Lincoln areas. We recommend securing your vehicle as soon as possible. Do not assume that a rental will be available. Consider all options when looking for a team vehicle including renting, borrowing, purchasing or searching in other cities or even out of state. Teams with 7 total runners will have the easiest time securing a team vehicle.

Vehicle Rules

  • In 2020, due to COVID-19, teams will be allowed to purchase a 2nd Team Vehicle.

– Go to your and login.
– Click on manage your registration for this race
– Click on Add-On section and select a 2nd Vehicle. 
–  See RunSignUp Tutorial on Add-Ons

  • Teams with a faster than 20 minute average 5k time will qualify for 2 vehicles at no additional cost.
  • All team vehicles must be less than seven feet in width and less than 20 feet in length
  • Large vans, mini-vans and SUV’s are allowed
  • No RVs, mini-buses, trailers or limos are allowed
  • All passengers must have access to a safety belt

Renting in Omaha

9301 S. 144th
(402) 933-2500
* Specializing in 12 Passenger Vans

Thrifty Car Rental
4501 Abbott Drive
(402) 346-6702
* Specializing in Mini-Vans

Budget Omaha Airport
4701 Abbott Drive
(402) 422-6610
* 7 Passenger SUVs, Crossovers, and Mini-Vans

Budget Omaha Locust Street Location
1755 Locust Street
(402) 348-0455
* 7 Passenger SUVs, Crossovers, and Mini-Vans

Budget Omaha Millard Location
12670 Q Street
(402) 896-5161
* 7 Passenger SUVs, Crossovers, and Mini-Vans

Budget West Omaha
Location: 116th and W Dodge
(402) 334-2734
* 7 Passenger SUVs, Crossovers, and Mini-Vans

Renting in Lincoln

Rent N’ Drive
Near Union College
(402) 441-4835
* Specializing in 12 Passenger Vans

Budget Lincoln Airport
2400 W Adams
(402) 474-2800
* 7 Passenger SUVs, Crossovers, and Mini-Vans

Location: 14th and Highway 2
(402) 421-3400
* Specializing in 12 Passenger Vans