Course Details

The Course

The course is broken into multiple running stages and a team finish with each runner taking on about three stages. Stages range from about 3 to 5 miles on a mixture of bike trails, paved roads, gravel roads and highways between the Omaha Metro and Downtown Lincoln. You’ll love it, we promise!

Start Line Location

Beardmore Event Center of Bellevue | 3750 Raynor Pkwy, Bellevue, NE 68123 (Map)

Finish Line Location

Haymarket | Polygon Lot 605 N 8th St., Lincoln, NE 68502 (Map)

Exchange Locations

Many of the exchanges don’t have an address. But the location of each exchange is located in several places including the Interactive Map, Race Guide and Stages details.

2020 Course Update:

If you have run multiple years of the Market to Market Relay you’ve probably noticed that the course often changes from year to year. Sometimes these changes are minor and sometimes they are major. The reason for the changes also ranges from improvements to unfortunately we had to due to natural elements, growing cities, construction, etc.

  • New Start Line: Beardmore Events Center in Bellevue 
  • More Starting Waves: 20 Starting Waves from 5:00 am to 11:00 am (every 20 minutes)
  • SumTur Amphitheater Exchange: Replaces Papio South while school parking lot is under construction.
  • Springfield to Buffalo Road to Hwy 31/50 to South Bend/Platte River Stage Sequence Returns: If you ran last year we had to do a “Halftime” because of the flood damage eliminating large sections of trail and the bridge. This year everything is fixed. Yippee! 
  • No Mopac Trailhead Exchange:  Due to COVID and corporate policies we are no longer able to rent the parking lot adjacent to the Mopac Trailhead. This exchange point has been eliminated and the stage is now Boy Scouts to B&R approximately 6.4 miles. Please understand that we looked at several alternatives to reduce the length but nothing worked.


Stage: 1 | Bellevue to Halleck Park
Distance: 3.4 Miles

Kicking off the day from the epic start line in Beardmore Event Center, will head west following the paved Papio Trail along Papillion Creek towards the next exchange point at Halleck Park. Returning to a more suburban setting, runners will pass golf courses, parks, and the Bellevue Berry and Pumpkin Patch. The trail is relatively flat but features a few underpasses that have short steep hills.


Stage: 2 | Halleck Park to SumTur Amphitheater
Distance: 5.9 Miles

Leaving Halleck Park, runners will pass a small lake and continue heading west following the Papillion Creek. Runners will turn right to navigate a round-a-bout to underpass 96th Street and will be greeted by a long, steep hill. At the top of the hill, runners will turn right into a residential neighborhood on Santa Fe Circle. DO NOT miss this RIGHT TURN as it connects to the Highway 370 underpass into Walnut Creek Lake Recreation Area. As runners leave the tunneled underpass, they will be greeted by a forest and a winding path through Walnut Creek Lake. At the top of the hill, runners will turn right and run across the dam. Here the paved trail winds around a tall grass prairie around the lake until runners turn right by the boat ramp and make their way to SumTur Amphitheater.


Stage: 3 | SumTur Amphitheater to Nebraska Christian College
Distance: 2.9 Miles

Leaving SumTur Amphitheater runners will exit south along a bike trail and turn east at the fork in the trail. Runners will continue on the bike path and exit on Turkey Road. Runners will head south and follow Turkey Road out of the park across Schram road. Here runners will enter rural Nebraska and its famous gravel roads. Turkey Road has a nice mixture of rolling hills and flat sections. Runners will turn right onto Capeheart road and follow this hilly gravel road to 114th Street where they will turn right again towards the exchange point at Nebraska Christian College.


Stage: 4 | Nebraska Christian College to Springfield
Distance: 5.6 Miles

This is one of the longest and hardest stages on the course. The route has a good mixture of gravel roads, crushed limestone trails, and paved small town roads. Runners will leave Nebraska Christian College and head south on 114th Street. This relatively flat gravel road will give you the full rural Nebraska experience. At approximately 1.20 miles runners will turn right onto Fairview Road. Runners will follow this rolling gravel road about 2.5 miles until they turn south on the crushed limestone Mopac Trail. The last mile features paved roads through the town of Springfield before reaching the exchange point at the Sarpy County Fairgrounds.


Stage: 5 | Springfield to Buffalo Road
Distance: 2.7 Miles

Leaving the Sarpy County Fairgrounds, runners will head south on the Mopac Trail. This flat section of the course is often inside the comfort of overhanging trees and starts off besides a small stream. Most of the leg runs parallel with Highway 50, but is often hidden from the runners view. Runners cross several bridges.


Stage: 6 | Buffalo Road to Louisville Hwy 31/50
Distance: 2.5 Miles

Leaving Buffalo Road runners will continue south on the flat crushed limestone Mopac Trail towards the Platte River. The final mile of the section runners meander through a cottonwood forest next to a lake and the Platte River before going under Hwy 50 and meeting their teammates at the exchange point.


Stage: 7 | Louisville Hwy 31/50 to South Bend/Platte River
Distance: 5.5 Miles

Leaving the exchange point at Hwy 31/50 runners run on a crushed limestone trail adjacent to Hwy 31. This rolling trail has scenic views of the surrounding bluffs and Platte River. The final mile of this section is one of the most talked about sections of the entire course. Runners get the opportunity to run over the Platte River on the Lied Bridge before reuniting with their teammates at the South Bend/Platte River exchange.


Stage: 8 | South Bend/Platte River to 310th & Mynard
Distance: 3.0 Miles

Leaving the exchange point at the Platte River Bridge trailhead, runners will run a difficult section but scenic section following gravel roads through beautiful rural Nebraska. After tackling a monster hill, runners will pass the baton off to their teammate at the intersection of 310th & Mynard Road. Nice work!


Stage: 9 | 310th & Mynard to Murdock
Distance: 3.6 Miles

Surrounded by farm land and rolling hills, this stage is quintessential rural Nebraska. On this stage you’ll pass a quaint white church a well as one of the quilt-pattern barns located in Cass County. This leg ends in the village of Murdock near the high school.


Stage: 10 | Murdock to Grandpa’s Woods
Distance: 3.9 Miles

Leaving the village of Murdock, runners will cruise down 2nd Street before turning back onto paved 310th Street. This flat section of the race is wide open, so any wind will be noticed on the open farm land. Runners continue onto gravel roads before arriving at the unique exchange point at Grandpa’s Woods Golf Course.


Stage: 11 | Grandpa’s Woods to Elmwood
Distance: 2.7 Miles

Less than a mile south of Grandpa’s Woods Golf Course, 310th Street meets up with the crushed limestone Mopac Trail which will take the relay all the way into Lincoln. This relatively flat section of Mopac Trail, heads southwest underneath hanging trees and over numerous streams. The trail was once a Missouri Pacific Railroad line that was abandoned in 1984. The land was purchased by the Nebraska Trails Foundation for us all to enjoy! Runners will meet their next runner at the exchange point in the town of Elmwood.


Stage: 12 | Elmwood to 262nd Street
Distance: 4.2 Miles

Leaving Elmwood, runners will continue on the Mopac Trail heading southwest. The first mile of this leg gains about 100 feet in elevation and is not as tree covered as the previous stage allowing runners to see the surrounding rural landscape. Racers will reach the next exchange point at 262nd Street.


Stage: 13 | 262nd Street to Eagle
Distance: 4.1 Miles

Runners continue down the Mopac Trail heading west towards the next exchange point in Eagle, Nebraska. This relatively flat section of the Mopac Trail runs parallel to O Street and passes Wright Cemetery on the runner’s left. As soon as runners reach Eagle, they will make the transition to the next runner.


Stage: 14 | Eagle to Dove Landing Vineyard
Distance: 3.3 Miles

Leaving Eagle, runners will again be surrounded by a canopy of trees above the Mopac Trail. Runners continue heading west and will cross over O Street. The exchange point is at Dove Landing Vineyard on 176th Street, just south of the trail.


Stage: 15 | Dove Landing Vineyard to Boy Scout Council
Distance: 4.0 Miles

The Mopac Trail continues through rural Nebraska for most of this section. Use caution when crossing 148th Street, the road is paved and the trail is difficult for drivers to see. Shortly after crossing one of the wooden bridges, runners will turn right onto dirt “horse trails” that will take you to the exchange point through an open gate into the Boyscout Cornhusker Council’s property. Your team will be waiting for you to make the exchange.


Stage: 16 | Boy Scout Council to B & R
Distance: 6.4 Miles

Leaving the Boyscout Cornhusker Council, you will have a short off-road section before returning to the Mopac Trail. Soon you will pass the silos of Walton. This section of the course is covered by tree canopy and there are now signs of Lincoln fast approaching. Runners may start to notice an increased number of birds in this section especially when they pass the Audubon Grassland Prairie area before 100th Street. Runners will pass a small country estate as they run over A Street at about 98th Street. Continuing down the crushed limestone trail, runners pass YMCA’s Sprit Park before reaching the MoPac Station Trailhead on the outskirts of Lincoln. Starting on the eastern edge of Lincoln, runners cross 84th Street and continue on the Mopac Trail. The trail changes from crushed limestone to a paved recreation path. Heading west, runners pass through residential areas past Wedgewood Lake and then cross over O Street on a pedestrian bridge. Quickly cutting through Lincoln, runners pass a local nursery before they cross 66th Street and then Vine Street. From here, the trail continues through residential areas until runners make it to the exchange point shortly after they cross the 48th Street bridge. Thanks for being your team’s running hero and taking on the longest stage of the day.


Stage: 17 | B&R to Haymarket Park
Distance: 4.1 Miles

The next runner continues heading west toward downtown Lincoln. After Peter Pan Park, runners will continue on the Mopac Trail over 27th Street on a pedestrian bridge. After crossing over the bridge, runners will head south a few blocks until they reach Vine Street, before turning towards the University of Nebraska. Runners continue on Vine until reaching the Antelope Valley trail and turning towards downtown. Following the lit trail, runners will head towards Memorial Stadium, home of Husker Football. Immediately after passing the stadium, runners will cross over to Lincoln’s historic Haymarket District, where they will meet their crew at the Team Finish.


Stage: Team Finish
Distance: 0.3 Miles

You did it! Join your entire team and make a dash to the finish line together. It’s now time to celebrate your accomplishment. Congratulations!


Runner Matrix

 Runner Leg 1 Miles/Rating Leg 2 Miles/Rating  Leg 3 Miles/Rating Total Miles
1 Stage 1 3.4 EM Stage 9 3.6 M Stage 17 4.4 E 11.1
2 Stage 2 5.9 H Stage 10 3.8 EM 9.7
3 Stage 3 2.9 H Stage 11 2.8 E 5.7
4 Stage 4 5.6 H Stage 12 4.2 M 9.8
5 Stage 5 2.7 E Stage 13 4.1 E 6.8
6 Stage 6 2.5 E Stage 14 3.3 E 5.8
7 Stage 7 5.5 EM Stage 15 4.0 E 9.5
8 Stage 8 3.0 H Stage 16 6.3 EM 9.3
 Runner Leg 1 Miles/Rating Leg 2 Miles/Rating  Leg 3 Miles/Rating Total Miles
 1 Stage 1 3.4 EM Stage 8 3.0 H Stage 15 4.0 E 10.4
 2 Stage 2 5.9 H Stage 9 3.6 M Stage 16 6.3 EM 15.8
 3 Stage 3 2.9 H Stage 10 3.8 EM Stage 17 4.4 E 11.1
 4 Stage 4 5.6 H Stage 11 2.8 E 8.4
 5 Stage 5 2.7 E Stage 12 4.2 M 6.9
 6 Stage 6 2.5 E Stage 13 4.1 E 6.6
 7 Stage 7 5.5 EM Stage 14 3.3 E 8.8
 Runner Leg 1 Miles/Rating Leg 2 Miles/Rating  Leg 3 Miles/Rating Total Miles
 1 Stage 1 3.4 EM Stage 7 5.5 EM Stage 13 4.1 E 13.0
 2 Stage 2 5.9 H Stage 8 3.0 H Stage 14 3.3 E 12.2
 3 Stage 3 2.9 H Stage 9 3.6 M Stage 15 4.0 E 10.5
 4 Stage 4 5.6 H Stage 10 3.8 EM Stage 16 6.3 EM 15.7
 5 Stage 5 2.7 E Stage 11 2.8 E Stage 17 4.4 E 9.9
 6 Stage 6 2.5 E Stage 12 4.2 M 6.7
Stage Difficulty Ratings

E= Easy EM= Easy Moderate M= Moderate MH= Moderate Hard H= Hard
Leg ratings are 90% based on elevation and surface and the remaining 10% is based on distance. Distance is rounded to the nearest tenth of a mile.