Event Update

Course Status Dashboard (Lightning Delays)

Last Update: 5/9/2022: 11:23 AM CST

Course Status (Lightning Delays)

Stage Stage Status Stage Notes
Stage 01 Open  
Stage 02 Open  
Stage 03 Open  
Stage 04 Open  
Stage 05 Open  
Stage 06 Open  
Stage 07 Open  
Stage 08 Open  
Stage 09 Open  
Stage 10 Open  
Stage 11 Open  
Stage 12 Open  
Stage 13 Open  
Stage 14 Open  
Stage 15 Open  
Stage 16 Open  
Stage 17 Open  
Stage 18 Open  
Stage 19 Open  
Team Finish / Finish Line Open  
After Party/Shindig Open  


Paused: Paused stages are closed to new runners until 30 minutes after the last lightning strike in the area. Runners currently on the course when a pause is enacted should be collected when and where possible and all participants should seek shelter in their team vehicle. Stage pauses and re-openings will be communicated via text messages to participants and also possibly via social media.  For every 30 minutes of lightning delay, please drive ahead one Exchange Point.

Open: Stages labeled as open can operate normally. New runners may begin these stages.