Get your team ready for the race. You’ll find the key information for both a Team Captain or a Runner to Invite A Teammate, Join A Team or Login to the Roster Tool. Learn about different team divisions your team can run under. Figure out when starting waves are released. Discover when major roster deadlines are including preliminary and final roster deadlines. If you are looking to join a team or need another teammate you can go to the Find A Runner section.

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Manage Your Team

Captain Roster Tool

Once you’ve registered your team, you will manage your team entirely through the links below. Here you can invite or remove team members, edit team information or make changes to your own runner profile such as shirt size. Now, go put together the best team ever assembled!

Captain LoginInvite a Teammate

Runner Roster Tool

Once your team captain has paid & registered for the race, you can join their team immediately. Your captain likely sent you an email invite with instructions. In case you lost it, don’t worry, All you need to know is your team’s nameDon’t sweat it, if you don’t know your team name just connect with your captain again. Then join your team. Once registered, you can edit your runner profile at anytime. Giddy up!

Runner LoginJoin your team


All teams must compete in one of the following Divisions. Awards will be given to at least the top 3 finishers in each. All Award winners will receive an automatic invitation into next year’s race.


All teams may compete.


At least three female members must be on the team.


All team members must be women.


All team members must be employed by the same employer or immediate family members.


All team members must be at least 40 years old.

Mixed Masters

At least three members of the team must be of each sex and all team members must be at least 40 years old.

Women Masters

All team members must be at least 40 years old and female.

Academic Division

Awarded to the top team affiliated with a school, college, university, or other center of learning. This can be students, faculty, or both.

Armed Forces Division

The top team that is instrumental to the defense and/or public service & safety. Eligible Teams: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, FBI, Police & Firefighters. or both.


All team members from the same religious organization.

Starting Waves

The Market to Market® Relay Iowa will feature 350 teams, starting in 8 different starting waves leaving from Jefferson, Iowa. Waves will begin at 5:45 am, with the last wave leaving at 9:15 am.

When will teams be assigned to a Starting Wave?

Teams will receive their starting wave 20 days prior to race day and will be notified via email. We assign teams to a starting wave after the Final Roster deadline. Hang in there, we’re just as excited as you!

Why Is my team in this Starting Wave?

Starting waves are structured to maximize your fun and safety for all teams on race day. Once your start wave is locked into position, changes are not possible. Teams are placed in waves based upon the goal of your team reaching the finish line by 8:30 pm, while maximizing your fun. At time of registration, teams have the option to register for a VIP team to choose their starting wave. This is a limited option on a first-come first-serve basis available at the time of registration.

Note: Teams are not placed slowest to fastest and we are confident your team will finish prior to 8:30 pm. Have fun.

View TeamS Now | sTART WAVES RELEASED 4/18

Roster Changes & Deadlines

Preliminary Roster Deadline: January 31, 2020

This is a soft deadline and is a goal for team captains to have their team up to date.

  • Team Name
  • Division
  • Runner Names & Email Addresses
  • Packet Pickup Location
Final Roster Deadline: Currently Extended Due to Coronavirus. Update Coming Soon.

This is a hard deadline and is used to make wave assignments, finalize shirt sizing and submit final team roster.

  • All Preliminary Roster Deadline information, plus…
  • Accurate individual 5K times
  • Signed online individual waivers
  • Teams with incomplete information or unsigned waivers after the published “Final Roster Deadline” will be considered INCOMPLETE, must pay a $50 fine and will have 7 days to regain COMPLETE status. Teams that are still INCOMPLETE after 7 days will be considered folded and will be removed from the race.
Late Roster Changes: After Final Roster Deadline

Teams needing to make a runner substitution after the Final Roster Deadline will be required to pay a $15 fee, for each substitution, once the online Roster Tool is locked. The substitution form will be accessed through an online substitution form linked from the online Roster Tool. Late substitutions will not change your team’s starting wave or shirt sizing.

Need a runner?

Whether you’re a team looking for runners or a runner looking for a team, we’ll get you connected.