All Time Records

Division Team Year Overall Time Pace
Open Team Nebraska 2015 6:44:49 5:30/m
Mixed SCRC 2016 7:21:32 5:52/m
Women Women Run Nebraska 2015 8:14:15 6:42/m
Masters H&B All Stars 2015 7:51:27 6:24/m
Mixed Masters Angry Penguins 2015 8:31:46 6:57/m
Women’s Masters Run Like Hell 2015 9:21:22 7:37/m
Corporate The Fat and Furious 2017 8:07:05 6:24/m
Academic Speed Doctors of Drake 2019 9:15:26 7:15/m
Armed Forces Omaha Police Endurance Team 2015 8:36:18 7:00/m

+ Overall mileage of the Market to Market® Relay can change from year to year so records are based on team pace (min/mile)