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Yearly Results

Race Year Results Costume Contest Decorated Van Team Name
2020 Relay Fleet Running Partners N/A  N/A
2019 Relay Ice Cream Truck Chasers The Winking Cats  Harlem Slow Trotters
2018 Relay We Ran Away and Joined the Circus Chicks from the Sticks  Thong Distance Runners
2017 Relay WWF Chicks from the Sticks  Chubby Unicorns
2016 Relay P.O.T.U.S Let’s Yabba Dabba Do THIS  The Young and the Rest of Us
2015 Relay Bro White & The Seven Dorks Chicks from the Sticks  T.U.R.D.s – Totally Unprepared Running Distances
2014 Relay ARL Running Club  The Big Bang Flurry  The Worse Half
2013 Relay Speedo Heros  Team We! Wee! Weee!  I Thought You Said Rum

All Time Records

Division Team Year Overall Time Pace
Open Team Nebraska 2015 6:44:49 5:30/m
Mixed SCRC 2016 7:21:32 5:52/m
Women Women Run Nebraska 2015 8:14:15 6:42/m
Masters H&B All Stars 2015 7:51:27 6:24/m
Mixed Masters Angry Penguins 2015 8:31:46 6:57/m
Women’s Masters Run Like Hell 2015 9:21:22 7:37/m
Corporate The Fat and Furious 2017 8:07:05 6:24/m
Academic Speed Doctors of Drake 2019 9:15:26 7:15/m
Armed Forces Omaha Police Endurance Team 2015 8:36:18 7:00/m