Event Update

Course Status Dashboard (Lightning Delays)

Last Update: 5/7/2024: 3:00 PM CST

Course Status (Lightning Delays)

Stage Stage Status Stage Notes
Start Line / Stage 1 – Jefferson Open
Stage 2 – Winkleman’s Switch Open
Stage 3 – Cooper Open
Stage 4 – Herndon Open
Stage 5 – Yale Open
Stage 6 – 190th Street Open
Stage 7 – Panora Open
Time Out – Linden Open
Stage 8 – Redfield Open
Stage 9 – Kennedy Station Open
Stage 10 – Adel Open
Stage 11 – Ortonville Open
Stage 12 – Waukee Open
Stage 13 – Walnut Hills Elementary Open
Stage 14 – Clive Aquatic Center Open
Stage 15 – Windsor Heights Open
Stage 16 – Ashworth Park Open
Stage 17 – Gray’s Lake Open
Team Finish / Finish Line – Court Ave Bridge Open
After Party – East 3rd Street Open


Paused: Paused stages are closed to new runners until 30 minutes after the last lightning strike in the area. Runners currently on the course when a pause is enacted should be collected when and where possible and all participants should seek shelter in their team vehicle. Stage pauses and re-openings will be communicated via text messages to participants and also possibly via social media.  For every 30 minutes of lightning delay, please drive ahead one Exchange Point.

Open: Stages labeled as open can operate normally. New runners may begin these stages.