Market to Market® Relay Series

A premier day-long team running relay race that takes runners from Market to Market®. Starting at sun up, seven runners and a van take on diverse and scenic courses as they make their way to the downtown finish shindig before sun down. Combine running in beautiful landscapes, outrageous costumes and memorable van rides with your friends and it all adds up to 1 unforgettable day.

How It Works

  1. 6, 7, or 8 person teams
  2. 1 Van
  3. 2-4 stages per runner
  4. 2 to 6 miles per stage
  5. 1 unforgettable day

What Others Are Saying

"I've done this two years in a row. Two of the best days of my life."

Mary, Purple Giraffes

"I have run many big races and this was by far the most exciting and enjoyable! We had an absolute blast and can't wait to do it again next year."

David, Team Fedex